Players Tavern was a a bar and nightclub.that operated for many years next to the Westport Country Playhouse.   This suburban location was the host of many great musicians, including Mose Allison, Larry Coryell, Johnny Winter, James Cotton Blues Band, Muddy Waters John Scofield, and local favorites Dirty Angels. Today the spirit of Player's Tavern lives on a, where we remember the great live music scene that Fairfield County used to support.

Throughout the 70's few dared venture to yet-to-be re-gentrified South Norwalk, and the key live music venue for original acts between New York and New Haven was Player's Tavern.   The club also featured the contemporary dance music by live DJ's nightly with an awesome sound system.   But on its best nights, the Tavern was a high-class roadhouse attracting great bands traveling the East Coast circuit.   The Tavern also provided one of few venues for local talent to play originals.  Westport  and Fairfield county nightlife hasn't been the same since the Player's Tavern closed their doors -- that is to say re-opened as a sedate, boring, over-priced pre-theater dinner place. 

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Mario's Place - This famouns Westport eatery has been in business for decades. Discover Mario's again and save! Great Italian food and atmosphere conveniently located across for the Saugutuck train station.

Black Duck Cafe   The was the favorite drinking establishment of the Staples High School class of 1976.  The building that houses the Black Duck Café was once a sea-going refrigeration and ice storage barge that was built around 1840, It also carried food and other supplies along the East and Gulf coasts and may have even made it up the Mississippi River as far as St. Louis. Barges such as this were loaded with ice, a valuable commodity in the 1800s, in Portland. Boston. Gloucester and other northern New England ports in the spring, Traveling up and down the Atlantic coast, they exchanged cargoes along the way. This particular barge was refurbished in the early 1900s and has been anchored in Westport since 1961. Its 90-foot hull rests atop a 100-foot barge that sank here many years ago when the Saugatuck River was much deeper. The small penthouse on the top deck, now the office for the restaurant was the barge master's living quarters. A patch in the roof covers the hole opened for the chimney of his pot-belly stove. During its 40 years in Westport. The barge has been home to many business: among the earliest were a bait shop and a dress store. Three other restaurants preceded the Black Duck on the site. Probably the most notable being Davy Jones Locker, which operated from 1973-77. Named after a legendary rum-running boat, the Black Duck Café was opened in 1978 and has been going strong ever since.  Stop by soon and ask Marty to make you a Planters' Punch.   

Blue Lemon Restaurant -  The Blue Lemon Restaurant is one of Westport's newer establishments.   I haven't been there yet.  Please give them a try and leave your comments for others.  .

Village Bagels  What do you think you would find at Village Bagels?  Hint, this end of the Post Road is hardly known for its "village" charm.   Great bagels, good coffee, and even better with our online discount gift certificates.


Dirty Angels- Rattlesnake Shake- Players Tavern, Westport, Conn 10/30/76
live performance

Dirty Angels- Let's Get Funked- Players Tavern, Westport, Conn 10/30/76
Live performance

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